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As a former in-house lawyer with the client perspective and a law firm marketing and business development professional, I am particularly passionate about using my experience to help those in the legal profession improve and grow their practice.

There are ways of getting, doing, and delivering work (and service) in ways that provide value to all. My approach is always tailored to meet the needs of clients, since a “one size fits all” approach is ineffective. Regardless, my role is to facilitate the development of critical new skills by lawyers and the business professionals who work with them so that they can achieve their (not my) goals. At this point, it should be clear that having a strategy, selling and project management skills, and highly efficient processes are not luxuries. Rather, they are necessities.

Training & Coaching Services
Sample training programs and workshops include…

  • Introduction to marketing and business development
  • The client lifecycle (from the service provider’s perspective)
  • Buyer personality types
  • Communication styles
  • Creating Your Plan
  • Your Elevator Speech
  • Communicating Your Plan and Moving from Planning to Action
  • Networking Skills / The Mocktail
  • Successful Client Meetings

Business Development Coaching

Coaching for Individuals, Client Teams and Pursuit Teams

Myers-Briggs Type Index Assessments for Individuals and Teams

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We offer engaging, productive experiences to law firms and legal departments, no matter your strategic or sales activity level.

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