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When I went to law school, there were no courses that taught how to structure or manage a law firm or legal department. Now that I teach law school and Master’s in Law Firm management classes, I appreciate how much there is to learn about leadership, strategy and execution, and organizational development.

We provide facilitation and consulting to help you determine your vision, strategy, and tactics. Whether you need help with goal setting or know what you want but don’t have a clear path to your goal, we can help. Through planning and advising (long and short term), we help you determine the most effective course to take, then offer the full range of support from conception to implementation.

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Since our clients will always know their organizations better than we ever will, we always begin our work by listening to you. We help you articulate what you really want from an engagement, understand the change management challenges that exist, and dig into relevant data for insights about your current situation and your future possibilities.

Then, we design, build, scope, and deliver our services. You are unique. That’s why our approach to working with you is too.


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We offer engaging, productive experiences to law firms and legal departments, no matter your strategic or sales activity level.

No “consultant speak” here…just proven, effective strategies that drive results and growth!